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I, James M. Kariuki is a licensed professional guide who is a native of Kenya, born and raised at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. I am able to show you Mt. Kenya and Kenyan touristic sights like no outsider can. Growing up as member of the Kikuyu tribe which calls the foothills of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare Ranges home, I first climbed Mt. Kenya while I was only 16 years, then a high school student. I later climbed again at the age of 18 and reached point Lenana for the first time. My love for the mountain and nature was short lived when I joined the Kenya Air Force and worked as an Air Force officer and left as a Sergeant in 1995 after 12years.This love made me go back to Mt. Climbing. While in the military, I learnt various safety procedures like First Aid, Day and Night Navigation, Compass and Map Reading. I also did a Junior Leadership & Management course. All these proved very useful during my climbing and customer/clients relationship. Further to this, I joined the American National Outdoors Leadership School (NOLS) where I attained a Diploma in National Outdoor Education Programme 5 (NOEP). I have a love and understanding of my country’s beauty. My expertise will make every trek and safari memorable. Learn about the flora, fauna, geography, history, people and culture of our country which has over 42 tribes and dozens of religions and beliefs. As a guide, I carefully plan each detail of your trip, offer proper advice and briefing to ensure that all your dreams come true as you experience the wonders of Kenya.

My hobbies are mountaineering, biking, traveling & reading. I am widely traveled in East Africa, Europe and USA through the courtesy of my clients. I was invited in the USA as guest speaker to give lectures on African cultures, mountain climbing and safaris. Here, I trekked part of the Appalachians Trail (Vermont-Maine), climbed Mt. Cube (New Hamshire, USA), Mt.Tom (Woodstook, Vermont, USA), visited Mark Twain and Merramec Caves (Missouri, USA) among other places. I have done more than 200 ascents to date on Mt. Kenya summit and 28 on Mt. Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru peak, not to mention Mt. Elgon, Aberdare Ranges, Mt. Meru in Arusha, Tanzania among others.Other than being a NOLS and Mt. Kenya National Park certified guide, I am also a member of; The East African Wildlife Society The St. John’s The Eco-Tourism Society Honorary member of the Rotary Club of Woodstock, Vermont-USA

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As the travel market grows further in kenya we advice our clients read through our terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and is adviced to ask as many questions as they can before travel to Kenya. 


Providing best travel experince to anyone from any corner.


Providing best travel experince to anyone from any corner.


Providing best travel experince to anyone from any corner.

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